Intro to Marketing with Social Media

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Course Description

Combining video instruction, textbook, hands-on assignments and a peer discussion group, this online non-credit course teaches proven strategies to effectively market your business using social media. Begin with a look at the foundations of internet marketing, then assess your current social media presence, set goals, develop a plan and begin creating valuable content. Learn which social media platforms your business should be using and how to effectively market your products and services on each platform.  By the end of this class, students will have the tools and knowledge to create a written social media marketing strategy for a business.

Your instructors are entrepreneurs and faculty with experience implementing social media marketing strategies in their own businesses.

This is the first course in the Social Media Marketing for Small Business Certificate track which bundles this course with Facebook for Business, LinkedIn for Business, Twitter for Business, YouTube for Business, Google+ for Business, Instagram and Pinterest for Business.  It can also be taken as a stand-alone class.

Upon successful completion of the entire series, students earn a non-credit Certificate in Social Media Marketing for Small Business from the Jamestown Community College.


Simone Sellstrom (Mullinax)

Simone is a full-time faculty member and director of the Communications department at Jamestown Community College in Jamestown, NY. Simone graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Master of Arts in Communication, where she studied strategic communication, marketing and public discourse.In 2014, Simone partnered with the Small Business Development Center at JCC to create a social media marketing course for college students. This course includes an internship where students gain hands-on experience managing social media accounts for local businesses, concentrating efforts on small manufacturers in Jamestown and Chautauqua County. This program has become a vital force in helping manufacturing companies establish and maintain a strong social media presence.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Defining Social Media

    • Introduction to Social Media Marketing

    • Worksheets - Downloadable

    • Defining Social Media

    • Social Media Beginners Checklist

    • Download Text

    • Quiz 1

  • 2

    Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan

    • Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan

    • Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan - I

    • Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan - II

    • Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan - III

    • Download Text

    • Quiz

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