Course curriculum

  • 1

    Defining Social Media

    • Introduction to Social Media Marketing

    • Worksheets - Downloadable

    • Defining Social Media

    • Social Media Beginners Checklist

    • Download Text

    • Test your knowledge - Defining Social Media

  • 2


    • Facebook Overview with Lee Barczyk

    • Facebook - excerpt from A Guide to Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses, eds. 1 & 2

    • Facebook Overview & Terminology

    • Creating a Facebook Business Page

    • Creating Events on Facebook

    • Insights on Insights

    • Test your Facebook knowledge!

  • 3


    • Instagram Introduction with Lee Barczyk

    • Setting Up Your Business Account

    • Building Your Brand

    • Marketing Your Business with Instagram

    • Test your Instagram acumen!

  • 4


    • Introduction with Lee Barczyk

    • Overview

    • Terminology

    • Overview & Terminology

    • Creating a Business and Personal Page

    • Marketing with LinkedIn

    • Test your LinkedIn knowledge!

  • 5


    • Twitter for Business: Introduction

    • Creating a Twitter Account for Business

    • Creating an Account

    • Using Twitter

    • Test your Twitter knowledge!

  • 6


    • Course Introduction with Kortney Santilli

    • Overview & Terminology

    • Content & Creating a Channel

    • Uploading Content

    • YouTube Advanced

    • Test your YouTube knowledge!

  • 7


    • Introduction with Gretchen Lindell

    • Setting Up Your Account

    • Creating a Board

    • Managing your Pins

    • Rich Pins

    • Website-ready

  • 8

    Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan

    • Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan

    • Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan - I

    • Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan - II

    • Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan - III

    • Download Text

Meet Your Instructors

Simone Sellstrom (Mullinax)

Simone is a full-time faculty member and director of the Communications department at Jamestown Community College in Jamestown, NY. Simone graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Master of Arts in Communication, where she studied strategic communication, marketing and public discourse.In 2014, Simone partnered with the Small Business Development Center at JCC to create a social media marketing course for college students. This course includes an internship where students gain hands-on experience managing social media accounts for local businesses, concentrating efforts on small manufacturers in Jamestown and Chautauqua County. This program has become a vital force in helping manufacturing companies establish and maintain a strong social media presence.

Digital Marketer

Lee Barczyk

Lee is the founder of Barrage Marketing, a Social Media Marketing brand in the greater Erie, PA area, as well as a Marketing Coordinator at American Resort Management. In his free time he runs networking events, hosts a podcast in Erie and has a few side businesses, as well as freelance. He loves connecting with people, providing value, and educating people about how to correctly use social media. He is more than happy to talk to anyone about all things social media marketing. Lee's ultimate goal is to own the Cleveland Cavaliers, be a public speaker at conferences, and leave a lasting legacy in the business world that shows the power of kindness, humility, and hard work.

Inbound Marketing Specialist

Ryan Daughenbaugh

Ryan graduated from Fredonia State University of New York in the Fall of 2016 with a B.S. in Business Administration, Music Industry concentration, and a minor in Communications. He was the Member Services Coordinator at the Bradford Area Chamber of Commerce until he joined the protocol80 team in late 2018. Ryan was born and raised in Bradford, PA. He appreciates this opportunity in a fast-paced, emerging industry right in his hometown.